Of Monsters, Limes, and Great New Music

Lately, I’ve been finding some terrific new music through friends, Twitter, radio, and retreats. If you’ve been pining for new workout tunes or road trip jams, then look no further.

  • Mind Games” by Leagues — My good friend, Daniel Deitrich, recently introduced me to Leagues, and I’m sure glad he did! They sound like a mashup up of Kings of Leon, Under the Influence of Giants, and MuteMath. But really, they’re a sound that I just can’t quite pinpoint. Yay for originality!
  • Tessellate” by Alt-J — This band is already getting a lot of attention from music critics, and for good reason. They’re a cross between Radiohead and Massive Attack with just a little bit of British flair thrown in. Filled with bizarre melodies and instrumentals, you should probably just listen to this entire album.
  • Praise Him” by The Royal Royal — For my Christian worship friends, you might check out this band. They’re pretty interesting musically, but I wish the lyrics were a little more advanced. Promising.
  • State Trooper” by Drop the Lime — Kinda reminds me of the Eurythmics crossed with some kind of movie soundtrack. This is a good song for working out. I originally heard it in the October trailer for Jack Reacher starring Tom Cruise.
  • Sloom” by Of Monsters and Men — A friend asked me last weekend whether this was “hipster music,” and I said, “Yes.” He said that hipster music wasn’t all that bad. And he was right.

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