Organizing Browser Bookmarks

I like to keep track of good websites and good people. When I find something worth keeping, I’ll add a bookmark so I don’t forget to check back often.

There are many ways to organize bookmarks; I’m sharing my own method openly so that I might get a glimpse into yours. Share with me on Twitter or Facebook.

Overarching Principles

These are my self-ascribed rules of the road when it comes to bookmarks.

  • Only use the bookmark bar.
  • Keep folder names to one word.
  • Default to HTTPS when possible.
  • Rename page titles to be quickly readable.
  • Within folders, alphabetize.
  • Don’t bury a bookmark in a folder if it’s accessed frequently.

Bookmark Folders

Folders are a good way for me to keep tabs on tons of websites without cluttering my bookmarks bar. I keep restructuring these, so you’re seeing a point-in-time compilation.

I either appreciate or closely follow (or both) each of these brands. They are interesting, important, forward-thinking, or influential.
Google is a brand, a tech behemoth, a newsmaker, and a services company. I access a Google-made product nearly every hour of the day, which is why it deserves a folder for itself.
These sites are useful and creative. If I’m looking for inspiration, I go here.
In this folder I compile the websites of “cewebrities” and friends. These may or may not be blogs, so they’re usually dually-present in Google Reader, too.
Some of these could be moved to the Brands folder, but in general, these sell stuff from lots of brands in one place.
I should probably cut back on these. Regardless, I think they’re all interesting and each has its own particular culture.

Bookmark Taxonomy

Here’s how the bookmarks play out:


  • Apple — Iconic, sharp, clever, simple; I am bewildered by the quality of products that churn out of this Willy-Wonka-like tech company.
  • byrd & belle — Beautiful carrying cases for laptops and digital devices.
  • Camelbak — I drink more water when it’s in one of these.
  • Field Notes — Small and simple, easy to carry, great for lists.
  • Gregory — Lots of pockets and completely comfortable for backpacking.
  • Herman Miller — They make the best chairs you can buy, and they’re from Michigan.
  • Incase — Well-made and stylish bags for digital equipment.
  • J.Crew — Good clothing and a step up from my teen brands. I think this contributes to my “chipster” label.
  • LAYERxlayer — Handmade bags from New York that remind me a little of The Village by M. Night Shyamalan.
  • TOMS — Interesting and comfortable shoes with an ethical cause.
  • Trek Bicycle — Sturdy and well-respected bikes from a reputable and USA-based company.






And here are the bookmarks that deserve to be unhindered by a folder:

So, what do you think? Am I a mess? Could I do this better? How do you organize your own bookmarks?

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